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Acwa Holding

Since its inception in 2002, ACWA Holding has attained remarkable success in just a few short years. This was made possible through the visionary approach of its founding partners; the Al Muhaidib and Abdullah Abunayyan Groups. This visionary partnership soon recognized the rapid growing demand for power and water in Saudi Arabia, identifying the benefits for both the public and private sectors with the privatization of these two sectors.

With further expansion pursuit, ACWA Holding has developed an integrated strategy of diversification into complimentary infrastructure activities. These include utilities and water management, district cooling, EPC contracting, pipe manufacturing and insulation, aluminium and chemicals process manufacturing, and industrial mining. More recently, ACWA Holding has widened its activities into other infrastructure-related businesses such as, development of privately-owned industrial cities, facilities management and transportation, with considerable success in the areas of air cargo and the expansion of the Saudi transportation network and logistics, along with environmental sector management and operations.”

  • 9,500 EMPLOYEES

Toledo Contracting

A multi-disciplined contracting firm based in the United Arab Emirates, Toledo is renowned as a facilitator of industrial and commercial development within the region. For over 20 years, Toledo Electrical & Mechanical Works Company has provided a range of professional services in Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Oil and Gas Installations, PetroChemical Plants, Power Generation and Distribution, Instrumentation, District Cooling Systems and Infrastructure projects in the U.A.E and neighbouring countries. Toledo provides services to key clients in the industrial and commercial sectors and helps drive the economic boom. Toledo is lead by Jack Matar, who is also a partner in Toledo Arabia on an individual level.


Al-Othman Holding

Al Othman Holding is a holding company with several major companies under its umbrella. Al Othman Holding brings together MIG (an impressive holding company with sub-companies specialized in construction, railways, aviation, oil & gas, water & power, medical and industrial), EMCOR (a leading facilities management services provider), Smart Glass (a high-tech, high-quality glass manufacturer), University Education Company (focused on education), Toledo Arabia and Al-Bilad Company (manufacturers). Al Othman Holding is led by solid strategy, market insight, unwavering dedication and a vision focused on the future.


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