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Letter from the CEO

TOLEDO ARABIA Company LLC, was founded in early 2010 and is based in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the aim of offering superior services across the entire spectrum of our expertise. Nonetheless, the company was established by a successful relationship that combines the power of technical, financial and resources support. Such support has a wide experience and access to the Local & International markets and clients.

While, it is true that success breeds success, it is imperative that, on the first projects awarded, on-time delivery, to the clients absolute satisfaction, with an impeccable quality and safety record, are achieved.

Our targets are seen as attainable through a proactive approach, by teaming up with project financing providers, partnering with reputable local and regional engineers, suppliers, and construction firms to reduce competition, and improve pricing while reducing risks. It is our intention to expand the company with minimum increase in financial leverage.

The company was established to build a strong presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the specific goal of becoming a leading contractor for engineering, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning in the fields of infrastructure, electro-mechanical & industrial installation; such as district cooling, power generation, water desalination, water distribution, electrical & instrumentation, pipelines, process piping, oil & gas related installation and building services.

Toledo Arabia will maintain the highest standard of services in the commercial construction industry at a competitive price. As such, and to ensure providing the optimum services and the level of satisfaction from our clients, we are currently working on the following international Credentials/Standards:

Toledo Arabia’s keys to success are comprised of on time delivery, to specification, with an impeccable quality and safety records. In addition, we value fostering and working as a team, ensuring price estimates and completion dates are as accurate as possible and track the progress of each phase of the project to ensure that scope, cost and schedule are maintained.

“At Toledo Arabia Co.; we are building for the future, in our marketplace, in our communities, in our relationships, and in our Company”

Ibrahim Al Nassar

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